Triumph Scrambler - Le Chasseur by Ernes

Triumph Scrambler – Le Chasseur by Ernes

It all started out as a regular assignment for Zurich based Triumph and KTM dealer Erne’s Euromotos. They had built three Triumph custom bikes for clients and had the opportunity to put them on display at this year’s Swiss-Moto expo. And I was booked to take pictures of those 3 bikes after the show.

One of those custom Triumph bikes was called “Le Chausseur”. We agreed on a complete black background. This would highlight the details and underline the golden components used in this build. The team at Ernes did such a great job at building this bike that bike EXIF featured it. If you are a petrolhead, head over to bike EXIF and read the full story.

Erne Scrambler 1 Erne Scrambler 3 Erne Scrambler 4 Erne Scrambler 5 Erne Scrambler 6 Erne Scrambler 7 Erne Scrambler 8 Erne Scrambler 9 Erne Scrambler 10 Erne Scrambler 11 Erne Scrambler 12